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We provide over 70 local Government authorities and agencies across the UK and Ireland with Respond for complaints and case management. Whether you need Respond to track cases within adult or child social care, for antisocial behaviour, or to manage complaints more generally, we have the knowledge to make Respond work just right for you.

Don't waste your own time

“Many other local government customers who’ve used CRM for complaints management have eventually realised that it turns out to be a false economy in the end, generally leading to a lot of wasted time, effort and money,”

- says Eric Brown, Business Consultant at Aptean. (From Stoke-On-Trent case study)

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Respond helps to drive improvements, spot trends in complaints and make sure issues are dealt with quickly across government authorities and agencies, keeping citizens and constituents happy.


Respond can capture all types of cases and feedback Governments receive across all departments:

  • Social care cases
  • Antisocial behaviour cases
  • Complaints
  • Comments
  • Compliments
  • Suggestions
  • Request for Information / FOI

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