From clinics and hospitals to health insurers, Respond is a fit across the healthcare industry. With extremely high standards to meet, hospitals and healthcare providers can find key information about where exactly to improve their quality of care and take preventive action through complaints and feedback provided directly by those experiencing problems. Respond can also support incident reporting at ward level. Whenever, wherever and however something goes wrong, it can all be captured in Respond and insights can be produced to reduce the risk of it affecting others.

Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street

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Get to the root cause of issues with text analytics, helping you analyze key words to find out exactly what’s causing problems.

Could complaints about being unable to sleep have deeper meaning? Could the metal pedal bin be the culprit?

Having a paper trail is extremely important, and with Respond you can remove the physical reams of paper you need to sift through as accurate records of cases are easy to find with a simple search in the system.

  • Health Insurance
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Centres
  • Home Care

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