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Financial Services

FCA in the United Kingdom. CFPB in the United States.

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Local and central government.

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Hospitals, healthcare providers and associated organizations.

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Aptean Respond

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The Respond Difference

Not all case and complaint management systems are created equal. Here's what sets Respond apart:

  • Out-of-the-box, industry-specific templates
  • Built-in tools for regulatory compliance
  • User-friendly, interactive dashboards
  • Customisable case processes and automation
  • Engaged customer community with frequent workshops and events

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Stop compromising, and start focusing on what's important. Your customers will thank you

Coherent Multi-Channel

Customer service isn't easy.
We make the agent's life that little bit better through multiple channels, including Twitter and Facebook, by providing easy to use, frustration free case capture and case management interfaces

Rich Dashboards

Control freak? Us too.
Respond has tailored early warning systems with deep-drill dashboards that let you take your department's pulse whenever you need it

'Normal People' Reporting

You want detailed up to the second data, but don't have a PhD in Statistical Analysis?
Don't worry, our reporting is built for normal people who share the same challenges as you

Configuration Manager

We get it, your business has its own quirks. Luckily, you can create configuration to directly model your organization.
Best of all, it's not rocket science and requires no programming code either

Open API

Just because Respond is easy to use doesn't mean we can't get technical when we need to.
Integrate with virtually anything with our out of the box web-services and other integration points

"Fast Start" Projects

Sometimes you have the luxury of careful planning and an abundance of time. Sometimes you just need to get moving.
Our "Customer Solutions" team is setup to deliver projects of all shapes and sizes

Flexible Delivery Model. You choose.

Software vs. Service

SaaS"Software as a Service" is where we take the hassle out of hosting your system.

We run the servers, we handle the upgrades, we do the maintenance and security. For organizations with a focus on putting as much of their infrastructure in the cloud as possible, our SaaS option is a cost effective way of doing that for your complaints & feedback solution.

You don't lose out, you just have a hassle free life with lower IT involvement and a zero infrastructure footprint.

Best of all, we won't hold your data to ransom at the end of your contract. We think you'll love Respond so much that you'll stay anyway, but just in case, you can rest easy knowing you're covered for all eventualities.

Software as a Service


Data ownership

Entry cost (lower)

Ongoing cost (higher)



Software / Data ownership

Entry cost (higher)

Ongoing cost (lower)

OP"On-Premise" is where you buy the software and host it on your own IT infrastructure.

You run the servers, you handle the upgrades, you do the maintenance and security (we will obviously help get you up and running!). For organizations with a large IT infrastructure with the right skillset, our on-premise option is a great option as it gives you maximum flexibility.

You also get the benefit of the lowest ongoing costs, if you consider that your IT infrastructure will probably be virtualized, and your IT staff are already paid for!

Just like SaaS, you will always own the data. In addition, because you bought it, you'll always own the software too. Customers that continue to invest in maintenance will get full access to all the latest releases at no extra cost.

Scores of talented people help make Respond what it is today, here's just some of them


Solutions Consultant


Senior Solutions Consultant


Customer Support Manager


Account Manager

A Package for Every Budget

Unlimited users with every package. Proven scalability from a single user to tens of thousands of users.

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Tailored to your growing business

"Essentials" Included
Central Printing* / XSync*
Standard Workflow
Custom Reports
Standard Configuration Options
Local Email, Telephone & Portal Support

Perfect for multi-department organizations who need more flexibility over their workflow

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Meets your complex requirements

"Essentials" & "Professional" Included
API / Integration Options
XSync included
Advanced Workflow
Full Configuration Manager
Advanced Configuration Options
Local Email, Telephone & Portal Support

We realise some people need a little more help. Additional "managed services" are available if required

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* available for an additional cost

“We now have a better picture of issues and can monitor precisely how we are capturing the information and how we are performing in response times.”

Customer Service Director


“Respond has brought our technology bang up to date, it’s easy to use and has enabled capability of real time MI.”

Roger Binks

Senior Complaint Manager RSA

11 Sep

London Complaints Working Group

Aptean hosts its regular Complaints Working Group, this time at the Oval in London. Spaces are limited. Register here.

17 Oct

Dublin Complaints Working Group

Aptean hosts its regular Complaints Working Group, this time at Croke Park in Dublin. Spaces are limited. Register here.

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